Blackthorn the Goblin Bard RESIDENCY Saturdays in 2024

AUSTIN, TX – Dylan Blackthorn plays Blackthorn the Goblin Bard every Saturday in 2024 at the urban fantasy club The Tiny Minotaur Tavern!  Come and hear an assortment of Goblin Pirate Chanteys, Dwarfen drinking songs, and etherical waltzes – and try to do the GOBBELIN DANCE!  9pm ’til lst call (11:30ish) every Saturday in February 2024 and beyond!   The Tiny Monotaur Tavern is located at

2701 E. Cesar Chavez, Austin TX, 78702 

and is a SAFE space for LGBTQ+, and RPG nerds like me.  COSTUMES REQUIRED on SATURDAYS – come in character – and if you come as your GOBLIN character, receive a FREE GIFT from Blackthorn the Goblin Bard, the most famous goblin bard in nearly every dimension!